Big & Rich Are Performing at the Great America Alliance Inaugural Gala

BIG & RICH and COWBOY TROY picked up a HUGE booking.  They’ll be performing at the Great America Alliance Inaugural Gala, which is going down in Washington D.C. the day before DONALD TRUMP’s inauguration.

It’s almost a no-brainer for JOHN RICH because he and the President-elect go way back.  He won the 2011 edition of “Celebrity Apprentice” . . . and even saw for himself that Trump’s hair is real.

John’s also been a big supporter of the Republican Party since, like, forever.  Here’s his statement about the event:

Quote, “We’re thrilled to be performing in our nation’s capital during this historic moment in time.  A presidential inauguration is a uniquely American event, so we’re honored to be a part of it and hope to help make it a memorable event.”