Remembering Lemmy

Looked at the calendar this morning and wondered, “What significance does December 28th hold for me?”..then I realized that today marks the one year anniversary of the death of one Ian Fraser Kilmister, or as most of us simply knoew him as, “Lemmy”.  Lemmy wasn’t just your typical “rock star”, he truly was iconic in the fact that he NEVER went by the rules, cared about stardom, or really gave a durn if you liked his music!  He spent his entire life doing his music, and it was as a teen in England he first saw the Beatles, and especially John Lennon, that had an enormous effect on young Ian, and sent him on his path.  So from the Rockin Vickers in the 60’s, to Hawkwind in the 70’s, to finally Motorhead in the 80’s, when Kilmister finally brought his unabashed form of punk-metal to my ears that I fell in love with it!  I had the honor to meet Lem in 1981, along with Fast Eddie Clark, and Philthy Taylor when they were openers for Ozzy, and it was truly an honort then when he would refer to me and my listening audience as Liittle Metal B#*%tards”  when he used to call my show!  Rest well Lemmy..hard to believe a year has passed.  Now in your honor, I’m gonna go fire up “Clean Your Clock” and get a little teary!