No Wonder Grandma Got Run Over

Just mere days until Christmas of course, and now I truly realize WHY I like to get my shopping done very early!  Traveling out to do my normal weekly grocery shopping was like I was immersed in a very violent video game!!  Normally the average Central PA driver at times can be a bit…err, “challenging”.  Y’see every spring when I get the old motorcycle out for a ride, it is, to say the least, SCARY!  But this week as I headed out for my grub in the ole Mustang, it was downright insane!!  Red Lights no longer mattered, or speed limits for that matter.  Men and women alike, rushing, dodging, and driving like maniacs to get to that “Super-Mega Wonder Sale” on the item their loved one won’t remember getting by Groundhog’s Day!  Rules of the Road be damned..they have places to get to and junk to buy!!  Crazy, isn’t this supposed to be the time of year when everyone is SUPPOSED to be just a little nicer?  Guess no one got THAT memo around these here parts!!  Other than going out to work, I am glad I can stay safely at home, look at the tree lights, and thank God I won’t need groceries for at least a few weeks!  Whew!