The Number of Insects that COULD be in your Christmas Tree

If you have a real Christmas tree you probably love the scent, but you should be aware there could be bugs hiding in it. Entomologist Nancy Troyano, Ph.D., says there are a handful of insects that make their homes in pine trees– the most common include adelgids, scales, bark beetles, psocids, and mites. Other bugs, like praying mantises, lay their eggs on tree branches. You’re unlikely to notice the bugs right away, because the cold temperatures of the outdoors make them dormant, but as soon as your tree is inside and warmed up, they spring back to life. The good news is that none of these insects will cause an infestation in your home, and they’re completely harmless. To keep unwanted bugs out of your house, just shake your tree before bringing it inside to disloge any unwanted visitors, and vacuum up fallen needles regularly, as you’ll also be vacuuming up any pests.