Some Guy Vandalized Dan + Shay’s Tour Bus . . . But They Weren’t In It

Well, this wasn’t very Christmasy.  Some angry guy hurled a brick at DAN + SHAY’s tour bus on Wednesday in Baltimore.  He actually threw it more than once, because, well, who knows.  Fortunately, no one was in it at the time.

It was caught on security video and the guy really seems angry.  He throws the brick at the windshield, which cracks it . . . but it doesn’t shatter.  He leaves but comes back and starts kicking the front of the bus near the headlights.

Then he comes back AGAIN and throws the brick at the windshield two more times.  It NEVER goes through, but it certainly cracks it enough so the bus can’t be driven until the windshield is repaired.

No one knows who the guy is, and why he’s so mad.  One of the security videos got a pretty good look at him so perhaps he’ll get caught and we’ll find out more.  Dan + Shay posted the three videos on Twitter.

(Here’s the first one, and the second.  He takes his hood off in the third.)