How Many of These ‘Naughty’ and ‘Nice’ Things Did You Do This Year?

The website does a poll each year to find out how “naughty” and “nice” we’ve been. It covers everything from dating habits to politics.

Most of the “nice” things they asked about are kind of boring though: 28% of us donated our time . . . 31% donated money . . . 60% did at least one random act of kindness . . . and 50% CLAIM they never lashed out at anyone over the election.

Here are six “naughty” things we did that are a little more interesting . . .

1. 17% of people unfriended someone on Facebook over the election . . . and 16% lied about voting when they actually didn’t vote at all.

2. A third of people in relationships looked through the other person’s phone or Internet history . . . and 15% of single people flaked on a first date.

3. 26% of people found something that didn’t belong to them, and kept it. And 17% found a wallet, purse, or bag and DID return it, but stole something out of it first.

4. 59% of us pretended to be sick to get out of something we didn’t want to do.

5. 20% of people admitted to gossiping about a close friend.

6. And 12% lied on their résumé, or in a job interview.–nice-behaviors-list-300379040.html