Scientists Finally Have a Perfect Explanation For How Santa Fits Down Chimneys

There are a few holes in Santa Claus’ story. Mostly: How does he get to so many homes in one night . . . and when he gets to one, how does he squeeze his festively plump body down the chimney?

Well . . . a physicist at the University of Exeter in England just figured out a PERFECT explanation for all of it that’s scientifically sound.

Dr. Katy Sheen calculated that Santa has to travel at about 6.2 million miles-an-hour to get to every child.

And according to EINSTEIN’S theory of relativity, objects that travel at a high speed become compressed in size.

So THAT’S how Santa fits . . . he’s traveling so fast that he and his sack of presents temporarily shrink down, so they can easily fit into a chimney.

That theory also explains why no one ever sees him. At the speeds he’s traveling, light waves get squashed, and they become invisible to the human eye.