None of Mine Made the Top 5 Christmas Movies

In one of those most recent surveys of what people say are the five best Christmas movies ever, NOT ONE of my absolute favorites made the cut!! Now, while I may enjoy some like “Miracle On 34th Street” A Christmas Carol”, “Home Alone” “Christmas Story” or “It’s A Wonderful Life” as being cool-yule flicks, there are SOME movies that I REALLY try not to miss during the holidays..they include:


-“”The Grinch” (Jim Carrey, Taylor Momson)The adaptation of the cartoon classic still makes me belly-laugh uncontrollably!  Tacky in spots, I know, but Carrey’s ad-libs are priceless!

-“White Christmas”.  How did this MONUMENTAL CLASSIC not make their list!!  Bing, Danny Kaye, and cool song and dance that doesn’t suck!

-“Christmas Vacation”.  My ALL time favorite!!  Griswold mania at its best!  Squirrel in the tree and Cousin Eddie and one killer line after another. The ONE I desperately try not to miss.


So I may not be Siskel or Ebert, but after all the shopping, wrapping, decorating, cards, and all of the stuff that I tackle during the season, I sooo look forward to a nice, stiff beverage and a “Randyll Christmas Classic”, and my holiday season seems complete!