Apple Just Released 104 New Emojis, Including a Clown, Fist Bump, Bacon, and Black Heart

Apple rolled out a new version of their iPhone and iPad operating system yesterday.  And while I’m sure it brings all sorts of bug fixes and code optimizations and whatever, we’re only in it for the EMOJIS.

Because the update includes 104 brand new emojis that will do a better job helping you express yourself than words ever could.  Here are some of the highlights . . .

1.  A drooling face.

2.  A singer in front of a microphone with David Bowie makeup.

3.  A pregnant woman.

4.  The “facepalm” . . . a person putting their hand up to their face in exasperation.

5.  A person shrugging.

6.  An arm holding a phone taking a selfie.

7.  A fist pointed sideways, like it’s fist bumping.


9.  Foods like avocado, bacon, pancakes, and peanuts.

10.  And a glass of whiskey.


(Here are all of the new emojis.)