Hey, I Admit It..I Watch Hallmark Christmas Movies!

Okay, so the other day I discovered what the “Hot Toy Of the Season” was..HATCHIMALS, and looked ’em up online and made the error of actually saying to Steve Clark they were “cute”!  So of course he has to act “manly” and tell me I am a wuss, and I am gonna get another hole punch in my “ManCard” for finding a child’s plaything cute!  Well, “MISTER-I-WORRY-CONSTANTLY-ABOUT-WHAT-SOMEONE ELSE-MAY-THINK- OF-ME”, I occasionally sit down on my very own and watch a Hallmark Channel Holiday movie too!  You can pretty much figure out the plot and the gist pretty early into the film, but I still find myself watching the durn things anyway! It’s just something I do at this time of year! And SOMETIMES IEVEN root for the guy to get the girl…AAAAAH!  So there, I said it!!  Now I wonder if I have lost any of my “Macho-cool-manliness”??!!  Nope..still like  steak, sports, loud music, a good glass of bourbon, and pretty women!!  I’m fine!