The Gift We Want the Most This Year Is . . . Quality Time With Family?

According to a new survey, the gift that we want the most this year is…quality time with the family? Wait, what? This survey must be broken. I mean, my family’s great, but they’re not “$250 Amazon gift card” great.

Here’s the full list of what people want the most this Christmas, if you’re still trying to figure out what to get someone…

1. Quality time with the family, 43%.
2. Gift cards, 32%.
3. Clothes, shoes, or jewelry, 22%.
4. A vacation, 18%.
5. A laptop, 16%.
6. A phone, tablet, or smart watch, 12%.
7. A new TV, 9%.
8. Appliances, 7%.

The survey also found 36% of couples DON’T buy gifts for each other and 64% of people say Amazon is the best place to buy presents.