Amazon Is Creating Convenience Stores Where There’s No Checking Out

Your grandchildren may live in a world where there are no lines at the grocery store. And no, it’s not because all those terrible self-checkout machines are somehow going to get miraculously better.

Amazon just created a convenience store that works differently than any other store EVER. When you walk in, you scan your phone. Then, when you pick up items off the shelves, they’re automatically added to your bill, which you can check on an app.

When you’re done shopping, you just leave, and you’re automatically charged for everything you bought. There’s no checking out . . . you just walk out.

So how do they know what you’re taking off the shelves and putting in your bag? Amazon says it’s a combination of, quote, “computer vision, sensor fusion, and deep learning.”

And yes, our Amazon computer overlords can also detect when you put something BACK on the shelf and decide not to buy it after all, so you won’t get charged.

They’re testing their first store right now with their employees, and they’re going to open the first one for the public in Seattle sometime early next year.