The No-Fun League: A 49er Got Flagged for Making a Snow Angel

The Chicago Bears and the San Francisco 49ers are two of the worst teams in the NFL.  So when they played yesterday, pretty much the only thing interesting about the game was that there was snow.

And since this was an absolutely meaningless game, why not have fun, right?  Well, no I mean, this is the NFL after all.

When the 49ers thought they’d scored a touchdown on a blocked punt, RASHARD ROBINSON celebrated by dropping down in the end zone and making a snow angel.  And he got a 15-yard penalty for his efforts.

Meanwhile, over in Green Bay, RANDALL COBB did a snow angel  after a touchdown, and did NOT get flagged.  Supposedly, he wasn’t flagged because he didn’t go the ground to do the snow angel . . . he was already down at the end of the play.  Also, nobody else joined in.

Speaking of unsportsmanlike conduct penalties, Oakland Raiders punter MARQUETTE KING got one yesterday for picking up a referee’s penalty flag and doing a dance with it.

But hey, at least the Steelers won, how bout it?