Can They Do It A Third Time? Yup!

Bishop Guilfoyle continues to do what they’ve been doing for more than three years now…WIN!!  And this Friday they have the chance to continue their roll, and win a THIRD straight PIAA Single-A State title.  I was lucky enough to call that first historic win at Hershey Park Stadium when the underdog Marauders valiantly held off the favored Clairton Bears to win #1!  And now, another title under their belts, and 2-plus more undefeated seasons, and here they are again..and deja vu..will play Clairton!  Now, I am a bit biased, but, can BG win it all again?  Most certainly!  This is a team that is now much more accustomed to these BIG GAMES so dust off the old trophy case shelf and make room for a third….yup!