Six New Stats on How the Average Person Eats Their Cereal

What kind of MADMAN pours milk into a bowl before they pour in their cereal?

Buzzfeed just ran a bunch of polls on their website to dig into the nuances of how the average person eats their cereal. Always tackling the biggest issues, that Buzzfeed. Here’s what they found:

1. 8% of people pour milk into the bowl first, then pour the cereal on top of it.

2. 11% of people just eat cereal dry, with no milk.

3. 76% prefer their cereal crunchy, not soggy.

4. 83% buy name brand versions, while 17% buy those generic grocery store versions like “Flakes With Frosting” and “Cinnamon Toast Munch.”

5. 19% eat cereal any time of the day, not just at breakfast.

6. And only 44% prefer healthy cereal to sugary cereal.