Ceiling Debris Fell to the Stage While the Brothers Osborne Were Performing on Sunday

The BROTHERS OSBORNE brought the roof down this weekend.  Literally.

It was actually ceiling debris and it fell to the stage while they were performing on Sunday in Boise, Idaho.

They hit up social media with a photo of someone holding a couple of ceiling chunks.  They also posted a brief clip of the exact moment when it happened.  They’re in the middle of the song and you can see the debris fall to the stage in front of the drums.

They captioned the post, “Had a blast tonight.  We had an encore worked up for y’all but the house literally started coming down.  Can’t wait to come back.”

They weren’t lying about the encore.  For safety reasons they didn’t come back out.   Fortunately, no one was injured.

This was at the Egyptian Theater in Boise, which is an historical landmark that first opened in 1927.  It was remodeled in 1999, so this sounds like it was probably something minor.