49% of Us Think Family Is the Best Part About Thanksgiving, 24% Say It’s the Food

I always thought people liked Thanksgiving DESPITE having to be around their crazy family.  But according to a new survey, a lot of us are actually looking forward to it.

49% of people said spending time with family and friends is the best part about Thanksgiving.  Only 24% said it’s the food.  The most popular answers after that were relaxing and watching football.

As far as the food goes, 48% of people said stuffing is their favorite side.  Mashed potatoes was next with 31% of the vote . . . and only 2% of people said squash is their favorite.

And a study by the American Farm Bureau Federation last week found Thanksgiving dinner for 10 people SHOULD only cost 50 bucks.  But according to the survey, most of us are spending a lot more than that.

65% of people said they’ll spend up to $100 on dinner . . . 26% said up to $150 . . . and 9% are spending more than that.