The Highest-Paid Celebrities Under 30

“Forbes” put out a list of The Highest-Paid Celebrities Under 30, and TAYLOR SWIFT came out on top.  She pulled down an estimated $170 million over the past year.

But despite Taylor’s success, just FOUR of the 37 young people on this list are women.  Also, one-third of them are from another country . . . and a good chunk of them are ATHLETES.  That makes sense, because star athletes can score big contracts at a young age . . .

As opposed to entertainers, who usually have to build up to that kind of money a little more.  There are 30 spots on the list, and 37 people in total, because it includes two boy bands.  Here’s the Top 10:

1.  Taylor Swift, $170 million.  She’s 26.

2.  One Direction, $110 million.  Louis Tomlinson is 24, Niall Horan and Liam Payne are 23, and Harry Styles is 22.  They’re on hiatus now, but the Forbes data is from June of 2015 up to this past June, so it includes a chunk of their last tour.

3.  Soccer player Lionel Messi, $81.5 million.  He’s 29.

4.  Adele, $80.5 million.  She’s 28.

5.  Rihanna, $75 million.  She’s 28.

6.  Justin Bieber, $56 million.  He’s 22.  And he’s also the youngest person on the Top 30 list, just barely edging Harry Styles by about a month.

28-year-old NBA star Kevin Durant is tied with Justin at $56 million, as is the world’s top tennis player Novak Djokovic.  He’s 29.

9.  The Weeknd, $55 million.  He’s 26.

10.  A TIE between 27-year-old quarterback Cam Newton, and 23-year-old golf stud Jordan Spieth, who both pulled down $53 million.

For the record, there are a few people further down the list like Drake and Usain Bolt who have turned 30 in recent months.  They’re still included because they were under 30 during the period when the data was collected, which ran up to June 1st.

Collectively, the 37 young people on this list raked in roughly $1.5 billion in 12 months, before taxes and fees.