This is Trump’s Shot Let’s Hope it’s Nothin’ But Net!

I rarely watch Neil Cavuto in the evening on FOX News, but caught him Tuesday night while making dinner.  In his closing monologue, “Common Sense”, Mr. Cavuto gave a stirring talk on how Donald Trump has got “his shot”.  He mentioned that in the broadway play “Hamilton”, Alexander, our “Economical Founding Father” yells out, “I am NOT throwing away MY shot!”  Cavuto then goes on to remind our President-elect that he too has “his shot” now to change things as we know them in our political world.  Let’s face it, Donald Trump is like NO political leader we have ever seen, and I like Neil hope that he doesn’t “clank his shot off the rim”!

If you get a minute, log onto:, and check it out.

Very nice piece Neil!