Brad Paisley Still Has Total Faith in Our Country, But Wouldn’t Mind Shortening the Election Process

BRAD PAISLEY is probably sick of talking about the election, but he’s famous so “People” magazine wanted his take.  It’s pretty bright.  Quote, “I have complete and total faith in our country.  We need to move on and see what happens.”

He points to last week’s meeting between PRESIDENT OBAMA and DONALD TRUMP as a great start.  Quote, “When you see [them] shake hands, and show respect to one another, that’s what we need.  It’s really important right now.  I was inspired by it.”

He’s taking that inspiration home to his family.  Quote, “I’m going to obviously do my best as a father to set a good example for my children, and I want them to see good examples from our leaders.  So that is a challenge for our leaders to do that.”

And if you think the whole election process is WAY too long, he’s with you.  Instead of two years of nonstop campaigning he’d like to see it cut down to 12 months.

Quote, “It was so absolutely long.  It’s almost like they put out the Christmas decorations after the Fourth of July this time.”