When Do Their Flights Leave??

A list of “celebrities” swore that if “Mr. Trump Went to Washington” they would leave the good old USA, so my question is “When you headin out?”

Miley Cyrus, Whoopie Goldberg., Jon Stewart, Spike Lee (you’ll miss Knicks games), George Lopez,  are some of the BIGGER names! WOW, will ANYONE even notice-or care??

Okay, so maybe Samuel L. Jackson..because he IS in just about every movie ever made, and he does say “What’s In Your Wallet” really well.

Cher..Barbara Streisand say they’re outta here!

Sure am glad that Gene Simmons, Ted Nugent, and Bruce Willis all were backing Trump! (Y’know they are some of my favorites!)

Best of luck to Argentina, Canada, Africa, and all the places that these “superstars” say they will be heading to!