Brantley Gilbert Will Be Celebrating Five Years of Sobriety in December

BRANTLEY GILBERT has an important anniversary coming up on December 18th.  He tells, quote, “I’ll be five years alcohol free.  [That’s] a big thing for me.”

Being sober has certainly made his life way more peaceful.  He said he doesn’t “end up in situations” where he needs to use his fists as much as he used to.

But he still has a good amount of fight in him.  Quote, “I’ve become more spiritually tough and morally tough for myself and the people around me.”

The interview also included a few interesting rapid-fire questions.  He said his favorite animal to hunt is whitetail deer . . . his favorite item of clothing to wear is his hat . . . his one vice is cigarettes . . . and his middle name is Keith.  (???)

Asked about his favorite movies, he said “Road House”, “The Notebook”, “Rambo”, and “Rocky”.  Yes, “The Notebook” . . . and he has no shame in that.