Kim Kardashian is Sick of Kanye spending money

Knowing KANYE WEST, this does sound like something he might do: The “New York Post” says he spent a fortune on furniture from a “celebrity interior designer” for his new house. This stuff was so expensive that one couch was $30,000.

But then he changed his mind. A source says, quote, “Kanye walked into the house, decided he hated all the furniture, and demanded it be returned to the vendors.

“But they refused to take it back, so he took it all out and threw it into storage. He then spent a fortune on a new set of furniture.”

Meanwhile, KIM KARDASHIAN is getting a little bored with this kind of stuff. Quote, “Kanye spends so much money and he’s holding everything up.

“The house still isn’t ready. Kim just wants to be settled at home, especially after everything that happened in Paris.”