Cole Swindell Is Calling Random Fans Who’ve Left Him Voice Messages

Remember last week when the FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE guys Tweeted COLE SWINDELL’s phone number . . . and then he didn’t change it?  Well, he STILL hasn’t, and he’s received over 700 voicemails.

He’s even calling random people who’ve left messages.  Some refuse to believe it’s him, which is a mistake because they’re missing out on a chance to score free tickets.

He posted video of a phone conversation with a fan named Emily.  They talked about both of them being from Georgia, about her watching him at the CMAs . . . and then he TOLD her to hit him back for tickets to a show.

By the way, he’s NOT going to get revenge on Florida Georgia Line for the phone prank . . . because they gave him an awesome tour gift.

Quote, “They got me a membership to a golf club.  [It’s] my favorite thing to do.  For them to do that for me, it was the coolest gift I’ve got.  That’s how I spend my off-time, relaxing on the golf course.”