Some NFL Surprises at the Midpoint

As the National Football League played their 8th week of games recently, here are MY midpoint surprises..Agree of Disagree?

–Dallas Cowboys..WOW!  have won 7 straight after losing their opener.  But, with a ROOKIE QB AND TAILBACK!!

–Oakland Raiders..First place in the AFC West for the first time in 15 years, and beating GOOD teams to do that!

–Carolina Panthers..So dominating last season, mediocre so far this year.  Super Bowl loss hangover?

–Atlanta Falcons, Houston Texans, Minnesota Vikings..anyone see these teams leading their divisions?

–Cleveland Browns..Okay so RGIII went down early (NO surprise there!), but HOW can you NOT win ONE game?


Hey, I know I am NO expert!!  Just a fan like you with a few observations..Whatta you think?