More Fallout From the Beyoncé – Dixie Chicks CMA Performance

Our nation is still divided folks, and I’m not even talking politics.  People are still taking sides about BEYONCÉand the DIXIE CHICKS performing on last week’s “50th Annual CMA Awards”.

After a concert on Thursday in Kentucky, TRAVIS TRITT hit up social media to make his feelings known.  He started out with a couple of sarcastic comments.

He “apologized” to his fans for NOT performing any Beyoncé songs at the show . . . but promised he’d start working on Single Ladies, quote, “for the die-hard country fans who love traditional music.”

Then he got serious and said country music doesn’t need rap artists as validation . . . and that he’s insulted the CMAs thought they needed a pop artist to get ratings for the show.

That got the attention of Beyoncé’s fans who hit back with comments of their own.  They even suggested Travis would have more hit records if he collaborated with her.  (You can read more about that, PLUS check out Travis’ posts, here.)

Even JOHN LEGEND got sucked into the mess.  TMZ ambushed him at LAX and asked if he thought the CMAs were racist for taking down Beyoncé’s performance from their site.  That was before everyone found out HER people had requested it.

He took the bait anyway and got political.  Quote, “I’m not blaming country music.  America has a problem with racism.  That’s why we have a racist candidate.  People who were being mad about her were being racist, it’s not the CMA’s fault.”

The irony is that this isn’t the first time the CMAs have brought in artists from other genres.  LITTLE BIG TOWN helped ARIANA GRANDE perform her song “Bang Bang” at the 2004 CMAs.

And the whole world loved it when JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE joined CHRIS STAPLETON at last year’s show.