RUSH Was, and Still Is, a Class Act

A little over a year ago Canadian power-trio RUSH called it a day and retired.  After 40-plus years together as one of the premiere rock acts of all time, they bowed out gracefully.  I was never a HUGE fan like some..I preferred the earlier stuff up to and including the live “All the World’s A Stage”, but RUSH blared for many years outta this “Eldorado Kid’s” bedroom speakers and helped me to appreciate the art of hard rock throughout my early years.

I was happy for them too when they FINALLY were given their due and inducted into the RNR Hall of Fame. They deserved it.

Now to my point..with so many band’s patching and piecing together lineups to continue to roll on, RUSH has said “Either ALL THREE of us TOGETHER or not at all!” If it’s not, Alex, Geddy, and Neil together..NO RUSH. And due to mainly health issues, they stepped aside…FOR GOOD!

In their documentary film “Time Stand Still”, which is being released this month, they discuss their bond to this promise to each other, and I find that so refreshing in the days where there is only ONE member left, and that dude takes other new dudes out on the road or into the studio and bills it as “THAT CERTAIN BAND”! So when they played the L.A. Forum in September 2015, RUSH was over.

Now before rock purists say “But John Rutsey was the ORIGINAL drummer on the first album”..I hear you..but unfortunately John will always kinda be a “RUSH footnote” in  music history.

RUSH was, and is, a class act, and I respect their decision.  Motley Crue has since retired and vowed to do the same..maybe a trend has started?  We’ll see…