Sam Hunt Will Release His Next Album . . . When He’s Good and Ready

SAM HUNT’s first album was so good that everyone’s bugging him to release the follow-up, like, right now.  But that’s not how he rolls.  He told “Billboard” that he’s not going to rush it for anyone.

He says the record company suits are the ones applying the most pressure.  They push artists to put out a new album every two years, which is about the right amount of lag time to release three or four singles in between.

Sam’s not bending to that.  He says, quote, “There are all these rules that I’ve just sort of thrown out the window.  I’m going to put music out when I feel like it’s ready.”

This doesn’t mean he’s slacking.  He’s been writing and recording . . . but at his own pace. “I’ve got a few songs that I’m excited about that I’m going to put out, even if that’s a long time before the next album comes out.”

He’s also digging deeper to come up with something he’ll be proud of. “I want to be even more vulnerable and more honest than I was on the first record.  I want the album to reflect real experiences in my life.”