Hallows Eve Rock Playlist

Okay, Halloweenies!  In a few days Halloween parties will be everywhere, and maybe you’ll be the Ghost-host of one of ’em, so what kind of “Spooky Rock Tunage” will be playing?  Here’s a great list to get your dead party thumpin!


Alice Cooper:  ANYTHING! But you can’t go wrong with “Welcome to My Nightmare” stuff.  My favorite is COLD ETHYL, but the title track or THE BLACK WIDOW fit nicely!

Ozzy Osbourne:  No brainer..BARK AT THE MOON!

Ramones:  PET SEMATARY. Hey they wrote it for the soundtrack for Stephen King.

The Who:  BORIS THE SPIDER.  John Entwistle wrote it with the Stones Bill Wyman, when they were drunk!  And I love the background vocals!

Warren Zevon:  WEREWOLVES OF LONDON.  Classic, and there’s howling in the chorus!

Twisted Sister:  CAPTAIN HOWDY.  A creepy cool metal piece from Stay Hungry!

Blue Oyster Cult: GODZILLA or DON’T FEAR THE REAPER if you wanna be kind of “high browish”.

Edgar Winter:  FRANKENSTEIN.  The Ultimately fiendish instrumental!

So many more!!  Wrathchild with “London After Midnight”, A boatload of AC/DC stuff with “HELL” in the title, maybe Krokus with “Midnight Maniac” even!  Ah, so many songs..use your twisted imaginations and I’ll bet your come up with a “killer compilation”!!  BWAHAHAHAHA!