Houses That Smell Like Citrus Are Worth $80,000 More Than Houses That Smell Like Feet

If you’re trying to sell your house and want to increase the value, don’t redo the bathrooms or get that colony of raccoons removed like an IDIOT.  Just buy some lemons and oranges.

A new study found that a citrus smell can make your house seem like it’s worth an extra $80,000.

Researchers had people check out a house for sale, but the place was filled with different smells for different people.  Then they asked the people how much they thought the house should sell for.  Here are the results . . .

1.  Citrus, $648,000.

2.  Brownies, $626,000.

3.  Fresh baked bread, $617,000.

4.  Coffee, $598,000.

5.  Chicken, $571,000.

6.  Socks and feet, $567,000.

So yeah, if you can make your house smell like oranges or brownies instead of athlete’s foot, it’ll seem like it’s worth a lot more money.