Doctors Removed a Baby From a Pregnant Woman, Performed Surgery, Then Put it Back In?

Earlier this year, a woman outside Dallas named Margaret Boemer was about four months pregnant, when she found out her baby had a massive tumor and might not make it.

The tumor was on the baby’s tailbone, and stealing some of its blood supply. So there was zero chance of the baby surviving.

Her doctors in Houston said the only option was fetal surgery . . . so they actually took the baby out, removed the tumor, and put it back INTO her womb.

She was just under six months pregnant when they did it. By that point, the tumor was almost bigger than the fetus, and the whole surgery took about five hours.

Margaret had to stay in bed for another three months, then they did a C-section in June. So in a way, it’s like her baby was born TWICE.

It was a girl, her name’s Lynlee, she’ll be five months old in a couple weeks, and they’re both doing great.