Cubs Fan?! Hope You Saved Your Pennies!

Fans hoping to see their beloved Cubs in their first World Series since 1945 are going to have to pay for it!  Box seats are going for 50 to 100-thousand dollars!  THAT’S NOT A MISPRINT!  One ticket..50 GRAND!!??  Hey, I love my teams,  and I have paid more when they made the postseason, but that defies ANY common sense!  I mean, Cleveland was in the Series back in 1997, but didn’t win, so THEY TOO have not been a World Champion since probably Ronald Reagan was a toddler! And while ticket prices in “Indian Country” are expensive, they ain’t the price of what your parents paid for their house!! There are Cubbie fans from around the country not only paying these insane prices, but offering trades, like a week’s cabin rental to get their mitts on a ticket!

So, you get your ticket, the guy next to you smells, and is up and down going to get more nachos and beer, and then…the Cubs LOSE the game (gasp), and you’re 50-grand down!  I think I’d stay home, crash on the couch, and save a few bucks..oh well, this probably won’t happen for another 108 years, when by the way, tickets for that Series cost 6 bucks!