A Woman Sues KFC Because Their Buckets Aren’t Overflowing With Chicken Like in the Ads

By the time you’re like six years old, you figure out that fast food in real life looks NOTHING like it does in the commercials. In ads it looks beautiful and delicious . . . in real life it looks like glistening squashed roadkill.

A 64-year-old woman named Anna Wurtzburger from Hopewell Junction, New York has apparently managed to live for seven decades without figuring that out.

She recently got a $20 bucket of chicken from KFC, but when she got home, she found it wasn’t BURSTING with gorgeous pieces of fried chicken like in the photos.

Quote, “They say it feeds the whole family, they’re showing a bucket that’s overflowing with chicken. You get half a bucket! That’s false advertising, and it doesn’t feed the whole family. They’re small pieces.”

She called KFC’s corporate offices to complain, but when they kind of blew her off, she decided to SUE. She just filed a $20 million lawsuit against KFC for false advertising.

Something tells me this is NOT like the time Subway got in trouble for making footlongs that weren’t a foot long. KFC called the lawsuit, quote, “meritless.”