Keith Urban Quit School at 15 to Pursue His Career

KEITH URBAN came out of the womb knowing what he wanted to do for a living.  He started playing guitar when he was six, performing on stage at the age of seven . . . and then quit school to go full time at 15.

Obviously, that’s way young, but at least he was already showing some promise.  He was playing in a band on weekends and getting valuable experience, but he couldn’t do the weekday shows because of school.  It was killing him.

On his 15th birthday he told his parents he wanted to dropout so he could play six nights a week.  Believe it or not, they said yes, but with one condition.

He tells the “Arizona Republic”, “My mom [was] like, ‘you’ve got less than two months left of school to get your junior certificate.  You at least have to get that.’  So I begrudgingly went for the last one and a half months of school.”

Keith also wants everyone to know that he has nothing against school.  He just happened to be at a point where he’d learned all the basics, and there was no need to go on because he knew exactly where his future was headed.