There’s a Charity That Makes Halloween Costumes for Kids in Wheelchairs

There’s a 42-year-old artist named Lon Davis who lives in Olathe, Kansas, just outside Kansas City.

And he has an 11-year-old son named Reese, who’s he’s been in a wheelchair since he was three, because of a tumor on his spine. Fortunately he’s in remission now. But eight years ago, Lon made him a sweet Wall-E costume for Halloween that fit OVER his wheelchair.

Then other parents started asking him to make costumes for THEIR kids in wheelchairs. So last year, he started a charity called Walkin’ and Rollin’ Costumes that makes wheelchair costumes, and gives them away for FREE.

So far, they’ve done Iron Man, the car from “Dukes of Hazzard”, an X-wing fighter from “Star Wars”, and a bunch more. They also did an Ant-Man costume this year, where the wheelchair is the ant he rides in the movie.

Apparently they got a ton of requests for this Halloween. But you can request one for NEXT year through their website, Or if you want to donate, just search for “Walkin’ and Rollin’ Costumes” on