Hall Announces 2017 Nominees

Today the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame has announced their list of nominees for induction for the Class of ’17.  They include bands that missed out last year, The Cars and YES, along with newcomers Bad Brains, Steppenwolf, Journey, ELO, J. Geils Band,  MC5, Jane’s Addiction, and Pearl Jam.  There are others such as Janet Jackson and Depeche Mode that are on the ballot for next year’s class.

My feeling has always been, if the band or artist had a unique impact on the music scene they should have a chance of getting in and being honored.  It took the “Music Powers To Be” a while to start getting it right, but I honestly think over the past, say 5 to 6 years, have been doing a better, but maybe not perfect job at it…Yes, I KNOW it took FOREVER for bands like Rush, Kiss, and Alice Cooper to finally get their due, but Foundation Chairman Joel Peresman and the folks involved has actually started listening to the MUSIC fan, along with other artists, and that’s why we’ve seen Deep Purple and Chicago get in.

Now, here’s who ELSE belongs (in my humble opinion):  Judas Priest, Ted Nugent, Motorhead, and Iron Maiden!!  Gee, can you tell I am a bit of a metal head??!!  Okay,so these guys may NOT be metal, but they also belong..Humble Pie!


Anyhow, congratulations to 2017’s nominees!!