Brad Paisley Did a Surprise Show at an Elementary School in Nebraska

Brad Paisley did a free show for the students at Field Club Elementary School in Omaha, Nebraska last Friday . . . because they asked.

They posted a video that was put to his song “Welcome To The Future”.  It featured the kids holding up signs pledging to attend college when they grow up . . . plus a few that asked him to stop by the school.

He saw it, loved it, and took ’em up on the offer.

The principal introduced Brad by telling the kids that he’s on a college tour, and then she asked where THEY’RE going.  They all yelled, “college!”  Brad came out and said, quote, “I got your little video, and I thought I ought to sing for you.”

He did a handful of songs, and afterwards told the Omaha World-Herald, quote,  “They took a song that really means a lot to me and put that to video with the signs that said ‘Please Come See Us.’  That kind of thing always gets to me.  It’s really powerful.”

Brad said the best message he could give them is that they matter enough that someone who’s busy touring would stop and sing them a few songs.