You’ll Get Frustrated by Technology 41,000 Times in Your Life

The next time your Wi-Fi drops out or your phone locks up, try to take it in stride. Because it’s gonna happen a LOT more.

A new survey found the average American gets frustrated by technology twice a day . . . and just under 41 THOUSAND times over the course of their life. Here six more stats from the survey.

1. 65% of people said they regularly deal with “tech rage.” That’s where you become FURIOUS at a piece of technology that won’t work right.

2. Half of us have YELLED at a phone or computer when it acted up . . . and 14% have THROWN their phone.

3. 33% have flipped out when they had issues streaming a video.

4. 14% have missed a deadline at work because of a tech issue.

5. 20% of people have gotten into a relationship argument because a piece of technology wasn’t working.

6. 16% of people said they’ve gotten so angry at technology, they’ve been reduced to TEARS.