First Lego Movie, Soon Lego Batman, and Now Beatles!?

It’s amazing how some things just take hold.  Whodda’ thunk that Chris Pratt would hit “Cinematic Paydirt” when he signed on to do the first Lego movie?  It was an incredibly genius concept and..yep, entertaining!  Now Will Arnett gets his own full length animated adventure when the new Lego Batman comes out soon!  And just in time for the music fan/toy nerd on your Christmas gift list Lego has announced the official Beatles “Yellow Submarine” set.  The Fab Four miniaturized, and Lego-ed up, complete with a banana-colored seacraft for your entertainment!!  The toy giant decided on designing the new set after positive suggestions via a special web poll, and get this..John, Paul, George, and Ringo ACTUALLY FIT INSIDE the thing!!!  The Beatles Lego set will hit stores in early November with a $60 dollar pricetag.  But do KIDS even KNOW who the Beatles ARE?  Oh well, mom and dad can have playtime!