Do You Shower Like Other People, or Are You Doing Weird Stuff Without Realizing It?

Do you shower like other people? You probably assume you do, but you don’t ACTUALLY know. So a new survey by Buzzfeed tried to figure out exactly what the average person does in the shower. Check it out . . .

1. 79% of people stand . . . but 6% shower sitting down. The other 15% stand most of the time, but sit to shave their legs.

2. 68% face away from the shower head . . . 32% stand toward it.

3. 55% make the water as hot as possible, and 45% keep it warm but not hot.

4. Only 31% wash their hair with shampoo every day. 54% do it a few times a week . . . 12% do it once a week or less . . . and 1% NEVER do.

5. 81% of people always wash their hair first, then their body.

6. 76% always use conditioner after they shampoo. And 8% never use it.

7. And finally, believe it or not, 72% of people say they pee in the shower.