Jason Aldean Taught His Daughters to Listen to All Kinds of Music

Country music is in JASON ADLEAN’s blood, but that doesn’t mean he pushes it on his two daughters.  If anything, he’s gone the other way.

Since day one, he’s been exposing them to all kinds of music.  We’re talking rock, pop, hip-hop . . . even traditional country.  He’s proud to say that it’s landed with 13-year-old, Keeley.

“She’ll listen to Ray Charles, and then turn around and listen to The Weeknd, and then Drake, and then it’s Ronnie Milsap.  It’s all over the place, which is cool.  [She] also just got into Foreigner.”

He’s so confident in her tastes that he lets HER be the DJ so she can surprise him.

And then there’s nine-year-old Kendyl.  You know how kids can get stuck on a song until it makes your head explode?  Yep.  Quote, “A couple months ago, she got into ‘Ice Ice Baby’, and I heard ‘Ice Ice Baby’ nine thousand times on the way to school.”