Stones Going Back to Their Roots..Cool!

Some things in life are just expected.  Rain is wet, Politicians fib, Cornflakes are crunchy, and the Rolling Stones just keep making music!  And it has been announced that their newest effort, and the first new studio album since “A Bigger Bang” will be a stone cold blues album!  “Blue & Lonesome” will be all classic covers of old blues standards!  I haven’t been this stoked since Aerosmith’s “Honkin On Bobo”!  Y’see, the Stones STARTED OUT as a BLUES’s their passion, their first love, so…you kinda expect as they continue into their twilight(?!) that they do WHAT THEY WANT (and do it so incomparably well!)  Go to this website and give a listen to the first release, Little Walter’s  “Just Your Fool”, and you will agree I am sure!

It comes out December 2nd!

This is a MUST under the old Christmas tree!