Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s Anniversary Plans Include Cuddling and Cornbread

Tim Mcgraw and Faith Hill just celebrated their 20th anniversary last night, and they didn’t hit the town . . . they hit the COUCH.

The night before, Faith said, quote, “We’re going to be in sweats, binge-watching TV.”  And Tim said, quote, “I want cornbread and peas!”  Sadly, they didn’t say what they’d be binge-watching.

Obviously, 20 years is a long time to be married in the entertainment business.  Heck, these days it’s a long time to be married . . . PERIOD.

Tim says, quote, “It’s an accomplishment . . . in our business, it’s really probably like 80 years.  You know, it’s like I look at it as dog years.”

So what’s the secret?  Faith says, quote, “You just got to have fun . . . laughter is sexy.  Sometimes, in the midst of craziness, everyone gets in an argument.  That’s part of growing as humans.  That’s part of growing as a couple.

“You have to let some things roll off your shoulders and just move on and keep going holding hands.  You’re climbing up the mountain together.  You just have to have a little fun.”