No More Clowning Around

Some of it is a hoax, some sightings real, some have even turned violent!!  Clown sightings have even been talked about at the White House! (Wow, could I make a JOKE here!) But, no matter what the’s NOT FUNNY anymore!  The last few weeks our news reports here have been peppered with “Clown Stories”, and this is wrong! These white-faced entertainers are supposed to be just that…entertainers, fun, happy..but instead, our brave, overworked law enforcement folks have to take their time and risk harm to look into this nonsense. Kids being chased, social media threats, even a bank robbery in the Midwest!  I actually heard a report recently where a college professor said these “Creepy Clowns” are just exercising a form of “performance art”, and it’s all “harmless”..yeah, okay!!  Halloween is fast approaching, sure hope people decide on ANOTHER COSTUME, because authorities are gonna be busy enough with real situations, maybe one where one of our loved ones needs ’em!  Think about it.