18 Year Old Gets Adopted After Years In Foster Care

There’s a kid in Tampa named Mario Thornton, who’s spent most of his life in foster care, hoping to be adopted. And he turned 18 on Tuesday, so since he was officially an adult, … he had to move out of his foster home THAT DAY.  So he was out on his own, with no one to help him. But about two weeks ago, he met a couple named Mike and Maria Cooke, who already have three kids . . . a three-year-old, a 21-year-old son who’s in the Army, and a one-year-old girl they just adopted in August. So about 90 minutes after Mario got booted from foster care, they adopted HIM too . . . you CAN still adopt someone until they turn 21. He’s African American, and the couple is white.  The non-profit that helped make it happen says it’s the first time they’ve ever had someone adopt an 18-year-old. Maria says she and Mike saw Mario for the first time about a year ago in an adoption video, and they loved how positive he was.  They were looking into adoption, and that’s why they have their new baby. Then they realized Mario still didn’t have a home, and adopted him too.  Right after it went through, they surprised him with an 18th birthday party . . . and they’re also taking him to Disney World soon.