George Strait Thinks We’re Heading Toward More Traditional Country

George Strait was asked for his opinion on today’s country music.  Good choice, the guy’s been making hit records since 1981.  His take is that if you don’t like what you’re hearing . . . hang on, because it’s going to change.

He’s seen the pendulum swing back and forth . . . and he’s okay with it.  He says it’s a natural thing.  He also thinks we’re trending back to the traditional country sound.

Here’s another insight.  George doesn’t waste energy judging other artists.  Quote, “I can’t put anybody down for having success in the music business, which is just tough.  [If] someone has success, more power to ’em.  I know how tough it is.”

In a different interview, George talked about recording two new songs for his hits package, “Strait Out of the Box: Part 2”, which is out November 18th.

Quote, “As you continue to be able to make records, you get more comfortable in the studio.  A lot of the players are good friends of mine, and I enjoy seeing ’em and being with ’em, however long we’re recording.  So, it’s fun.  I look forward to it.”