Jason Aldean Saves the Getting Stupid Part for After the Show

Traveling means dealing with all kinds of stuff you can’t control, right?  So imagine the chaos for country stars who LIVE on the road for long periods of time.  How do they keep their sanity?

JASON ALDEAN does it by sticking to a very strict schedule.  It starts with dinner at five o’clock every single day.  He schedules his VIP get-togethers at 7:00, and then the meet-and-greets at 7:30.

He says bad things happen if he veers from the schedule.  Quote, “If you do something different in our day, it gets weird.  It throws everybody off because we’re creatures of habit every day.”

He even schedules when the party gets started.  Quote, “We save the getting stupid part until after the show.  We can have some fun.  We don’t do it before the show.  Learned from my mistakes.  I do good remembering the songs when I’m sober.”