Six Things You Shouldn’t Do in a Public Bathroom

We found a list online of things you should never do in a public bathroom. Here are the six we liked . . .

1. Never skip the whole hand-washing thing. Don’t just get them wet and pretend to wash. Take the extra ten seconds and lather up.

2. Never go into a stall together with a friend. Sometimes women get away with it. Otherwise, people assume you’re doing drugs, or getting it on.

3. Never text someone while you’re waiting for a stall, or standing at a urinal. It creeps people out, because you could be recording them.

4. Never use the urinal right next to a guy if there’s another one open. It’s already weird, so don’t make it weirder.

5. Never use the hand dryer if they also have paper towels. A recent study found they blast germs all over the room . . . especially if you only pretended to wash your hands. So paper towels are more sanitary.

6. Never leave the toilet unflushed. If you don’t want to touch the handle, use your foot. Just get it done. And flush twice if you have to.