A CEO Pays His Employees $2,000 to Go on Vacation . . . and Says It’s Made His Company Way Better

Make sure to “accidentally” bring this story up if you ever have a chance to talk to the owner of your company.

A guy named Mark Douglas is the CEO of a marketing company called SteelHouse in Culver City, California. They started in 2010 and they’ve got about 250 employees.

But it’s tough to get a job there, because basically no one EVER quits. And here’s the main reason. Back in 2011, Mark started giving his employees a bonus if they took a vacation.

Whenever someone uses their vacation days to go on a trip, Mark reimburses them up to $2,000 for the cost of their flights, hotels, and activities. That’s $500,000 a year total across the entire company.

And he won’t give them the money if they don’t take time off. Quote, “I actually want you go to somewhere and enjoy yourself.”

And he says the policy has transformed his company. His employees are WAY more productive and happy because their paid vacations recharge them and motivate them.

And in the five years since he started the policy, only five out of the 250 employees have left the company.