A Woman Returns $5,000 to Domino’s, and Gets Free Pizza for a Year

A woman named Selena Avalos is the manager at a cell phone store called Spacetel Wireless in San Jose, California.

She ordered some chicken wings from Domino’s for lunch on Tuesday.  But when she opened the box, there weren’t any wings in it . . . just $5,000 worth of CASH.

It turned out the delivery guy accidentally gave her the wrong box.  And it was the store’s bank deposit for the night.

She immediately called to let them know what happened.  She says she never even considered keeping it.  Even though no one called her back for THREE DAYS.  So she got in contact with their corporate office.

They’re rewarding her, by giving her free pizza for a YEAR.

Her boss was so impressed, she’s getting an extra week’s worth of paid vacation for being so honest.